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Disaster-Reduction, Resilience, Well-Being, and Culture: A Multi-Disciplinary Workshop
2016-02-26 15:39:34 - by : admin

We are pleased to announce that Geography Education lecturer of UMS, M Amin Sunarhadi, has been accepted on a British Council Newton Fund workshop in Jogyakarta, Indonesia, from 15th-19th February 2016 where he was presenting his research. The aim of the workshop is to create research ties between the UK and Indonesia around DRR, Resilience, well-being and culture.
The main objectives of the workshop were to:
improve the geographical monitoring the activity and threat levels of volcanoes and other natural hazards in Indonesia;
discuss latest risk communication practices as well as how to develop and evaluate culturally appropriate training to reduce disaster risks,
explore how communities living on and near volcanoes and other natural hazards in Indonesia are prepared to respond to and recover in a resilient manner from volcano eruptions and other potential disasters in those regions; and
address issues of culture and resilience in relation to practices that maintain the wellbeing of individuals and communities such as through providing psychosocial support.
M Amin Sunarhadi focus on disaster risk reduction learning and the contribution this can make to living with disaster risk and loss.
His presentation outlined how to increase the spatial thinking ability of social studies and geography teacher. He also demonstrated the development of teaching material based on spatial thinking ability.

Information about the Newton Fund can be found here and on Twitter @NewtonFund @BritishCouncil

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