BORO: MOBILITAS PENDUDUK MASYARAKAT DESA (Suatu Pendekatan Kualitatif Fenomenologi)

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Jurnal Akademika UMS. Vol. 3. No.2. Oktober 2005. ISSN 0216-8219


BORO: Mobilitas Penduduk Masyarakat Desa (Suatu Pendekatan Kualitatif Fenomenologi)

by. Tjipto Subadi
Geography Education
Faculty of Education and Teacher Training Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta.
Jl. A. Yani Tromol Pos I Pabelan Surakarta, Indonesia

E-mail: tjiptosubadi@yahoo.com. HP 0816652241


This study aims to understand the boro (circular migration) phenomena as community mobility of the process and meaning viewed as subjective reality. The focus of this present study is on, understanding and finding the systematic-social knowledge in terms of basic reasons why the community does a boro, social construction of the boro process and its meaning as community mobility and social phenomena. This study uses the qualitative method that focuses on the analysis of understanding and interpreting, its paradigm of social definition in micro-study. The data analysis uses the first order understanding, i.e., having the researcher ask the observed subjects in order to gain any valid clarification; then, the researcher does the second order understanding, i.e., the researcher understands the subjects’ interpretation in order to gain the new meaning of basic reasons for boro, construction of the boro social process and its meaning. Such information is respectively called externalization and objectivity. The result of this study states that, 1) the boro is an action by a group of labor community who does not have fields but has houses (kuli setengah kenceng), and has a variety of social constructions related to the basic reasons for boro. In one side, the action of the boro is any economic reason; and in the other side, it is any non-economic reason. For the non-economic reason, the community does a boro as a result of the senses of social tie and social guarantee; religion; and science and social status. 2) The boro process is based on the cycle system and ethnic relationship. The boro has a wide range of meanings, including economic meanings and non-economic ones, such as those of social tie and social guarantee; religion; and science and social status. 3) In terms of economy, the boro refers to the improvement of a household’s economy; that of religious belief, the boro refers to the sense of religion; that of the relative tie between the former and recent boro, the boro refers to the sense of social tie; that of the household security and health at home, the boro refers to the social guarantee; and that of the experience, the boro refers to the senses of science and social status.

Keywords: Boro, wide range of meanings, first and order understanding methods.

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